GI Bill


Recertification is required every three years or the certification expires. Certifications always expire on the last day of the month. (ex. certified 15 May 2023 - expires 31 May 2026).


  • Yellow Belt: $39
  • Green Belt: $59
  • Black Belt:  $79

Journal submission NOT required.


  1. Individual makes payment using applicable link below
  2. AALSSC researches individual's certification date, name, and then looks into online professional profile (LinkedIn or other)
  3. AALSSC contacts individual with questions (if necessary).
  4. Once approved, individual's certification is extended 3 years and a new digital certificate is send via email.
    • Name listed on current certification will be used unless a name change is requested. Name change requests can be emailed to or enter the name change in "order notes" block at checkout.

Click on applicable payment link and complete payment process