GI Bill

Privacy and Confidentiality


All persons involved with the certification process shall keep the client’s information private and secure. At no time will employees or anyone involved in the certification process disclose the identity of the person testing or the results of the test.

AALSSC will only collect the least amount of client information required for certification. We do NOT ask for social security numbers or dates of birth.

All hard copy client data will be kept secured in a lockable filing cabinet at company headquarters.

All electronic client data will we kept in a shared drive with the updated anti-virus software in place

All employees will sign a client confidentiality form as part of their on-boarding process.

Board of advisors do NOT need to sign client confidentiality due to the fact they are not given specific client data.


Review and update anti-virus software at least monthly or as determined by anti-virus provider

In the case where confidential information is being required by law to be released, AALSSC will send the following statement to all effected individuals by email or letter (or both): “Dear (name), this message is to inform you that the information you provided at the time of certification or recertification has been required by law to be released. As we do not collect social security numbers or dates of birth the only information released will be your name, address, phone number, email address and certification number. We at AALSSC apologize for any inconvenience this bring you, however we are bound by the law. Please contact our office at 702 305-0748 if you have any questions. Thank you”