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Notification Requirements for Certified Persons

American Association for Lean Six Sigma Certification


Certified persons may fall out of compliance with AALSSC’s certification for any number of reasons. They include, but not limited to: Being fired from job for unethical actions, being convicted of a crime including corporate crimes, providing false statements, etc.

Certified individuals who fall out of compliance for any reason must notify AALSSC by email or mail within 30 days of non-compliance. Notification must include name, date, current certification number and reason for non-compliance. This process is detailed below and posted on the website.


Certified individual who falls out of compliance will email or mail a letter to company headquarters with their name, address, current certification number and reason for non-compliance.

Director of Certification will review and make the decision to either 1) request more information from individual or 2) revoke the person’s certification. If revoked director will:

  1. Mail a formal letter notifying individual of decision
  2. Update certification tracker to show no longer certified
  3. Make copies of all correspondence and file in “revoked certifications”