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American Association for Lean Six Sigma Certification



AALSSC is committed to providing a certification process that is fair and free from discrimination. All reasonable efforts are made to ensure that AALSSC examinations are based on Lean Six Sigma knowledge and tasks.

AALSSC endorses the principle of equal opportunity. Eligibility criteria for examination and for certification under the AALSSC programs are applied equally to all applicants regardless of race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, ethnicity, veteran status, age, marital status, or disability.

AALSSC complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act and strive to ensure that no disabled individual is deprived of the opportunity to take a AALSSC examination solely by reason of that disability. Special testing arrangements may be made for these individuals. All testing sites will comply with all federal, state, and local laws regarding use of public buildings, ensure accessibility required under the Americans with Disabilities Act, and accommodate applicants with disabilities on an individual basis without additional cost.

To submit discrimination complaints clients will follow the “complaint” process described below.

Complaints Process


Any number of situations may arise which may lead an AALSSC tester or non-tester to file a formal complaint with AALSSC. This may include a complaint regarding a perceived flaw in a question or exam process, or a complaint against an AALSSC certified individual, staff member, or volunteer proctor. Additionally, the complaint process will be followed when a client appeals the decision on certification. Therefore, for the sake of policy and procedure the “Appeals” process is synonymous with the “Complaint” process.

This process offers any individual the opportunity to have his or her concerns heard in a fair, objective forum. However, individuals will not be entitled to receive a copy of either the certification examination or the answers to any questions on the examination.

Such individuals may present written evidence of the basis for their complaint. Such evidence shall be reviewed and appropriate action taken. No disciplinary action will be taken against the individual simply because he/she has filed a complaint. All complaints will be treated as confidential.

To ensure an impartial appeals process, a Complaint Review Panel consisting of three (3) AALSSC Advisory Board members is formed: The Chairperson and two other voting members. The Chairperson of the panel will be the AALSSC Board of Advisors Chairperson, who will appoint the other two voting members from the existing AALSSC Board. If the Chairperson chooses a Complaint Review Panel member who has a personal or financial conflict of interest, that Panel member will be withdrawn from the Panel. If the Chairperson is the subject of the complaint, then the President of AALSSC will assume the lead role in this process.

The Complaint Review Panel reviews each case individually and then processes the results of the review directly with the individual filing the complaint. The AALSSC Board grants to the Complaint Review Panel full and final authority to institute corrective action (if any is required).

The chairperson of the Complaint Review Panel will chair all meetings of the Panel, which will be held, as needed, by conference call unless an in-person review is requested and paid for by the complainant. Dates and times for review will be determined by the Chairperson. Panel members and the complainant will be informed of the date at least one (1) month prior to the conference call. All materials available for the review will be provided in writing to the members in advance of the review.

Under no circumstances will an appeal or complaint result in discriminatory actions against the appellant.

If appeal for certification is found to be valid and therefore certification is granted; the issue that triggered the appeal will be reviewed and changed immediately.

If AALSSC finds a substantiated complaint about an AALSSC certified person, that person will be contact for comment. If they do not reply within 30 days or if comments/evidence do not fully justify behaviors the “certification withdrawal” process will begin.

All complaint handling processes will comply with privacy policy.


  1. An individual must submit a request for a complaint or appeal hearing, which must be signed by the individual or emailed from address listed in clients file, to AALSSC. AALSSC will notify person by email receipt of complaint or appeal within three days of receipt.
  2. Following the receipt of the complainant’s request, the Director of Certification shall, as soon as practical, appoint three members of the AALSSC Advisory Board to serve as the Complaint/Appeal Review Panel if, in possible consultation with AALSSC’s legal counsel, the Chairperson feels the complaint is credible and warrants further action.
  3. After receipt of a request for a formal complaint, and selection of the Complaint Review Panel, the Panel will consider the case as soon as practical. Once date is determined person will be notified via email of review panel meeting date and time.
  4. In advance of the review, all supporting materials for the case will be sent to the Complaint Review Panel by the AALSSC office.
  5. At the request of individual members of the Panel, the Chairperson may, but need not, submit additional questions in writing to the complainant. If an individual is the target of the complaint, questions may also be submitted to the subject of the complaint. The complainant and the subject will have the opportunity to respond in writing or email.
  6. Panel members, the subject and the complainant will be informed of the date for the review at least one (1) month prior to the conference call or meeting.
  7. If the complainant or the subject desires an opportunity to address the Panel in person or by conference call, the complainant may do so but must bear the cost of such in-person review. The complainant and/or subject can contact the AALSSC office for an estimate of such costs.
  8. The subject of the complaint may be represented by legal counsel at any meeting at which the appellant addresses the Panel, whether in person or by conference call.
  9. The voting members of the Panel will review each case and reach a majority decision. The decision of the Appeals Panel will be final.
  10. The Chairperson of the Complaint Review Panel will send the complainant the Panel’s decision in writing by certified mail as soon as practical after the review.
  11. Written materials considered in the Complaint Review Process and written decisions of the Complaint Review Panel will be securely stored and retained in the AALSSC office for 3 years.