GI Bill

Master Black Belt

Welcome to the AALSSC Master Black Belt (MBB) certification program. This is an elite credential that only experienced Black Belts should consider.

To be certified as a MBB the candidate must submit the application and portfolio detailing professional accomplishments over the past 3-5 years. (See MBB application below)

AALSSC uses a certification panel of Master Black Belts who review each application, discuss, and reach consensus to either “approve for certification” or “do not certify at this time”. The entire process from submission through decision can take up to 45 days.

Three phase certification process

Phase 1: Candidate submits online application and makes payment. Application is reviewed for completeness by AALSSC Director of Certification. (up to 7-day processing time)

  • If determined to be complete – candidate is notified, and portfolio is sent to certification panel.
  • If determined to be incomplete – portfolio is returned to candidate with recommendations.

Phase 2: Portfolio is received by AALSSC certification panel. Each board member reviews portfolio and provides feedback with recommendation. Board members meet, discuss, and reach consensus for certification decision (up to 30 days processing time). Recommendations are reviewed by Director of Certification who records recommendations and archives portfolio package.

Phase 3: Director of Certification prepares certification or notification package and mails to candidate.

  • If board recommends certification: certificate package is emailed to candidate.
  • If board does not recommend certification: candidate is notified of specific reason(s) and given the opportunity to appeal decision. (See application for appeal process)

When certified as a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt you are authorized to add the distinctive “LSSMBB” signature block enhancer and potentially serve as a certification board member for future MBB candidates.

Certification is valid for 5 years. Re-certification requires journal submission similar to the Black Belt process with additional requirements. Details will be provided to Master Black Belts at time of certification.

Payment and Refund Policy

Full payment of $999 is required at time of submission.
If initial portfolio is returned to candidate during phase 1 and NOT re-submitted within 90 days candidate is granted a refund minus a $50 processing fee.
Once the application is sent to the certification board no refunds are granted.

Submit Online:

1) Download, complete and save the re-certification journal

2) Click on “submit MBB payment” and complete payment process

3) After AALSSC reviews and approves, a certification package will be mailed to address listed in application