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Get Certified

Congratulations on your goal to achieve a Lean Six Sigma belt certification

Below are the five steps necessary for certification

1) Learn the material

Below you can download the applicable study guide. Study and preparation is key to success.


See "training" tab for more opportunities

2) Secure a proctor & schedule test

Test is proctored, so this next step you need to find and coordinate with proctor to determine date, time, and location for testing. See proctor policy & procedures below.  Examples of good proctors are supervisors, librarians, university faculty or staff, military NCOs, and officers.

3) Apply to take certification test

Submit Application
You are ready to test and have a proctor - now is time to submit the online application. AALSSC reviews application and notifies you when approved.

4) Payment and receive login


Invoice is sent to the email listed on application (or third party email if requested). Once paid, a username and password is emailed to tester.

5) Complete testing and receive certificate!

Now you are ready to test - login with provided user name and password, complete test, and receive immediate results. If passing score achieved, a digital certificate is emailed within 7 calendar days.

General test information

  • Certification test is a timed and proctored assessment
  • Proctor can be in person or virtual
  • Open book/open notes test
  • 75% or better required for certification
  • Yellow Belt: 20 questions, 30 minute time limit, $149
  • Green Belt: 60 questions, 1:30 minute time limit, $395
  • Black Belt: 80 questions, 2:30 minute time limit. $475
  • Certifications are valid for 3 years

Prerequisite for Black Belt certification:

  • To be approved for Black Belt testing applicant must hold a current Lean Six Sigma Green Belt or Green Belt equivalent certification.
    • "Green Belt equivalent" certifications are normally employer provided credentials that are referred to as something other than Green Belt