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Las Vegas Lean Six SigmaBackground

The American Association for Lean Six Sigma Certification (AALSSC) was established in 2014 as an independent certification agency focused on providing relevant and attainable Lean Six Sigma certifications.

The certification exams were developed by a panel of Lean Six Sigma experts and other industry professionals. Using feedback from quality managers and government/corporate clients we identified industry expectations of a certified Lean Six Sigma individual. Specifically, the panel answered the questions: "What does a certified person need to know and what do they need to be able to do?". This analysis highlighted strong demand for process improvement and change management and less need in statistics. This moved AALSSC's certification testing away from the traditional Six Sigma statistical analysis to more of a Lean/process improvement emphasis.

The current certifications offered are Yellow, Green, Black, and Master Black Belt. These certifications are the most relevant for individuals and communicate a commitment to quality and process improvement to the professional community.


Signature Block Enhancer

A signature block enhancer is a communication tool that informs peers about your knowledge, skills, and abilities. It serves as a credibility enhancer that should be used on all professional correspondence. See below for approved signature block enhancers for AALSSC certified individuals.

  • Certified Yellow Belts add "LSSYB"
  • Certified Green Belts add "LSSGB"
  • Certified Black Belts add "LSSBB"
  • Certified Master Black Belts add "LSSMBB"