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The American Association for Lean Six Sigma Certification (AALSSC) is a independent, accredited certification agency focused on providing the most relevant Lean Six Sigma certifications.

The certification exams and re-certification journals were developed by a team of Lean Six Sigma experts who had been collaborating with industry professionals and clients for years. Based upon the realities of improvement efforts and feedback from clients it was determined current six sigma certifications were too focused on statistical analysis. AALSSC does NOT discount the power of statistical analysis or the knowledge derived from it, however, the reality is most improvement efforts use little or no statistics while certification exams require an overwhelming amount of statistical calculations. AALSSC Lean Six Sigma certifications flips the emphasis from statistical analysis to process improvement - from Six Sigma to Lean. AALSSC tests only the most relevant topics expected of a belt certified individual.

  • Other certifications: 80% Six Sigma, 20% Lean
  • AALSSC certifications: 80% Lean, 20% Six Sigma

The core principle of relevance means we only offer certifications deemed relevant. The current industry trend is more colorful certifications, to include yellow, white, orange, and brown. AALSSC's promise is to provide relevant certifications that communicate acquired skills and are of the greatest value to the individual. Meaning we only offer Green Belt, Black Belt, and Master Black Belt. An AALSSC belt certification communicates to the professional community a dedication to quality that distinguishes you as a Lean Six Sigma expert.


Signature Block Enhancer

A signature block enhancer is a communication tool that informs peers about your knowledge, skills, and abilities. It serves as a credibility enhancer that should be used on all professional correspondence. See below for approved signature block enhancers for AALSSC certified individual.

  • AALSSC certified Green Belts add "LSSGB" to their signature block
  • AALSSC certified Black Belts add "LSSBB" to their signature block
  • AALSSC certified Master Black Belt add "LSSMBB" to their signature block