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Welcome to AALSSC

Lean Six Sigma is an organizational excellence philosophy that is applicable across all industries. The foundation of Lean Six Sigma is "Continuous Improvement". Individuals who learn the concepts and experience the methods of Lean Six Sigma have the opportunity to certify. Lean Six Sigma uses “belt” certification with Green Belt and Black Belt being the most common. Obtaining your Green or Black Belt certification creates professional opportunities, shows a commitment to self-improvement, strengthens your resume, and communicates your commitment to excellence.

Certifications are recognized as: Time-limited, revocable, renewable credential awarded by an authoritative body for demonstrating the knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform specific tasks or an occupation.

AALSSC is an accredited, independent credentialing agency that provides individuals relevant and attainable Lean Six Sigma belt certifications.

The ideal person for certification testing has training and/or experience in Lean Six Sigma, but lacks the certification. If this describes you, please explore this website to decide if an AALSSC certification is right for you.