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Welcome to AALSSC

Lean Six Sigma is an exciting business philosophy which can be applied across all industries and offers the opportunity for certification. Obtaining your Lean Six Sigma “belt” certification can skyrocket your career, increase your problem solving abilities and help you stand out as an exceptional performer. As you begin the Lean Six Sigma journey; problems become opportunities, people become problem solvers and everything seems attainable. Welcome to the exciting world of Lean Six Sigma.


AALSSC is an independent credentialing agency that provides individuals a path to certification. The foundation of an AALSSC certifications is relevance. We only offer the most relevant Lean Six Sigma certifications that communicate specific abilities to employers and the professional community at large. Relevance is the cornerstone of AALSSC certifications.


  • Certifying as a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt communicates that you are an advanced problem solver, skilled in process improvement specialist and capable facilitator. Your impact is at the tactical level of the organization.
  • Certifying as a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt communicates that you, in addition to the skills of a Green Belt, can guide organizational change, facilitate strategic planning sessions, and is capable of using various continuous improvement methods. Your impact is at the executive or strategic level of the organization.


AALSSC exams are organized to test the most relevant skills within the Lean Six Sigma Body of Knowledge. By following on the industry recognized practice of “Lean first, Six Sigma later”, AALSSC ensures belt certified people know the process improvement methods widely used in Lean. Using the 80/20 principle we place less emphasis on statistical calculations and more emphasis on non-statistical “kaizen” methods, which are highly effective in problem solving and process improvement. Relevant certifications and relevant questions!


Thank you for your interest in obtaining an AALSSC certification.


“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest” ~ Ben Franklin